Thursday, September 2, 2010

Book Review: Wonders Never Cease

As most of you know, I belong to BookSneeze, a site that brings together a community of bloggers to review books.  I just finished Wonders Never Cease and I can truly tell you that I could barely put the book down.  What I learned (again--you need to constantly remind yourself of this):  When you hear God leading you, you need to follow, regardless of your excuses or how you view your present circumstances.  If God is calling you somewhere, He's not going to let you fall when you follow Him.  Okay, on to the official book review....

Wonders Never Cease by Tim Downs


Wonders Never Cease is a fictional series of events, but the book does a wonderful job at describing the effects our lives, our choices, have on many other people’s lives. A man’s greed leads him to concoct a plan to portray himself as an angel to a woman who has just been in a serious accident. His plan, however, spirals out of control and ends up bringing numerous other people into the fold. His greed consumes him and ultimately destroys his career and his relationships.

My Reactions

This book is a must-read for all kinds of people. I found it impossible to put the book down and was gripped by the way the main character’s choices had an impact on so many other people around him. Greed is a powerful force and can destroy more than just your own life. So many people go through life with a closed mind, but as one of the characters points out in the book, you can’t accept a possibility unless you’re open to the possibility. This book makes you realize that although it is easy to see the mistakes in someone else’s life, it is not always so easy to see your own. You have to keep an open mind and let God direct your life or it can go devastatingly wrong, like it did for the main character.

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