Thursday, October 2, 2014

EatSmart Precision Pro Food Thermometer Review

I am a snob when it comes to kitchen gadgets. I love gadgets, but they MUST work, be reliable, long lasting, and easy to use. I've gone through a whole host of thermometers, with little success. I had one that looked like a large meat fork, but it only worked for a few months and then wouldn't read any temps. I have a small Pampered Chef thermometer, but you have to get your hand so far in the oven and close to the dish...even then it takes forever to get an accurate temp, which by then you've burned your hand. I had an Oxo leave-in thermometer that I loved, but it too stopped working and wouldn't read temps. While I'd prefer a thermometer that can be both leave in and a quick check, I realize they don't make those with interchangeable probes.

I love EatSmart products....I have a kitchen scale from them that's over 6 years old and still going strong. I have a set of bathroom scales that are just about as old and never had an issue with it.

This handy thermometer was something I really wanted to try out.

I love that the readings are super quick....close reading in 5 seconds, with a precise one in 10 seconds. It has a nice back-lit LED screen which is perfect for reading inside the oven. it has a hold feature so you can keep your accurate temp reading as you take the thermometer out of the oven. It has an auto-off timer set to 5 minutes, which is great because I am constantly forgetting to turn mine off and you don't want to run through batteries. The instruction booklet also tells you how to recalibrate the unit in case the temps are off.....never knew that you could do that!

My absolute favorite feature about the thermometer, which they don't really show in the photo too well is that the cover for the probe snaps onto the end of the handle. This not only keeps it from getting lost, but is designed to add extra inches to the length of the handle so you don't have to get your hand so close to the hot dish. BRILLIANT! Why don't all thermometers have something so simple yet awesome?

One strange thing though....the box says readings in 5 seconds and a 2 year warranty. The instruction booklet says 10 seconds and 1 year......maybe I misread something, but the two don't seem to match. No matter though because I've never had a bad EatSmart product and the readings are pretty close in 5 seconds.

Here's what the EatSmart website has to say about the features:

  1. EatSmart InstaRead Technology - Measurements in 5 seconds or Less!
  2. Temperature Range -40F - 450F.
  3. Resolution of .1 degree F
  4. Easy to read LCD display with illuminated blue backlight
  5. 3" probe with 1.5mm step downtip and splash-proof design
  6. Measurement Modes: Fahrenheit / Celsius
  7. Hold Feature - Lock in temperature for safe reading
  8. Splash-proof design
  9. FDA and NSF Certified
  10. Auto Calibrated; Runs on 1 CR2032 battery (included)

You can see my review on Amazon too.