Thursday, July 8, 2010

Stand Mixer ?

I'm thinking about getting a stand mixer. It seems that the "one" to get is the KitchenAid stand mixer. Does anyone have any experience with a stand mixer and can offer feedback on what kind to buy (and not to buy) and their limitations? I'm thinking I'd mainly use it for the meat grinding attachments, making dough and pasta, etc.

Comments?? Suggestions???


amy said...

I use a Kitchen mom has a generic one and she complains that it is not as "strong" as a Kitchen Aid. I mainly use mine to make cakes and the Buttercream icing which requires a strong mixer to handle Crisco and confectioner's sugar...a few weeks ago a friend of mine got one for a GRAND deal at Walmart. It was marked down to $136 but when they went to check out it marked down to $40! THat is a steal! Not sure if they are still on sale but worth to see!

JR911 said...

Thanks Amy....I'll certainly check into that at Walmart!