Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Free Amazon Prime Membership for 1 Year

I just read this post on CommonSenseWithMoney:

".....Amazon is offering a full year of Amazon Prime ($79 value) to college students. To get this freebie you will need a valid .edu e-mail address and specify college, year and major...."

For those of you in college or with kids in college, this is a GREAT freebie!  I am a graduate student alumni, so I still have my college e-mail account active and was able to take advantage of this.  The best thing is you don't need to set up a new Amazon account to take advantage of this.  I logged in with my standard e-mail/account and was just asked to put in my college e-mail address so they could send me a verification link.  The free PRIME membership is tied to my standard e-mail/account.

This is great to have in time for birthdays and Christmas ordering!

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