Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Made the Decision on the Mixer!

After a lot of talking to people (thanks to all of you) and reading more on-line reviews than I'm willing to admit, I have finally made my decision on what mixer to get.

I'm going with the KitchenAid Artisan mixer. What really made my decision was the $30 + $12 rebates (yep, you get the $30 rebate on the mixer and a $12 rebate if you don't want their free magazine) they put out just this week that goes until October. I has made up my mind to buy the cheaper selection of the KitchenAid Classic (smaller bowl, less power, and only comes in white) because I figured why spend an extra $100 just for a color and .5 quarts extra room? HOWEVER, the rebate(s) are not good on this model, so for an extra $20 I can get it all!  This is just a picture of the white on the link and you can view all the purtiful colors!!!
I still plan on waiting to see what happens with the prices on Amazon over the next couple months (if I can keep myself from buying it now) so I can earn up more Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks! Right now I have $30 left waiting in the wings......ah, could it possibly be that I get a FREE KitchenAid mixer just by searching the internet and taking surveys????

Not familiar with Swagbucks? See my post here about it- to date I have earned (13) $5 Amazon gift cards!  I LOOOOOOVVVEEE free moolah!


amy said...

Good for you! I love Swagbucks!!! You made a great decision, I went to Walmart the other day and didn't see the mixer marked down anymore. Somehow I think there was a mix up on that price because there is no way a mixer cost $40! Hope you get your mixer soon!

Anonymous said...

way to go juliann i have a kitchen aid and love it