Monday, April 19, 2010

Ways to get coupons you want....

We all know about internet printables, manufacturer mailing lists, Sunday inserts, hangtags and peelies. But how do you get the coupons you WANT? I tell you, the best way is to join a coupon swap forum or set up a local couponers group.

Some steps you SHOULD take before trading and swapping:

1. Type up a wish list. I can't tell you how many coupons I toss in the trash that I just KNOW someone could use, but because I don't have a wish list (or frequently used brand/item list), I don't know about it. This is extremely important and probably the first step you have to take before trading. It doesn't take long and once you have it set, all you need to do is add the hot coupons you are looking for each week. There are so many databases out there to search for great IP's, blinkies, etc.

2. Know what you have access to and list that for others to see. If you don't have a printer, say so. If you have access to 20 bazillion inserts, let people know. It's nice to know who to go to for what coupons you may be in the market for. You don't have to list every single coupon you have, but just notify your potential traders what you usually have access to.

3. Trade with people you trust. I can't emphasize this enough. Join a group, forum, or board that has reputable people running it and rules for trading. You wouldn't believe how many people are out there scamming you for your coupons (no, really.....).

4. If you're starting a swappers group with people you know, you may want to lay down some guidelines for swaps so people don't get upset if they feel that they're being taken advantage of. You don't want to start a group with friends and have one person think that they're giving someone all these great coupons but getting squat in return. You may do a coupon-for-coupon rule, a face value percentage, or some other method for determining what's a fair swap.

5. Be organized. If you don't get organized, how are you going to find the coupons other people are looking for? There are so many ways to organize your coupons and your extra coupons. My biggest advice....DO NOT clip everything and throw what you know you're not going to want into an envelope for others to look through. I've tried this before and it's cumbersome and it eventually gets to be too much. You're also not going to find coupons that someone is asking you for in a big envelope full of clipped coupons!

What are some of your ideas? Do you currently have a trading group locally or on line?

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