Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Map: The Way of All Great Men - A Review

As promised, I have finished this book and wanted to give you my brief take on it.

The Map: The Way of All Great Men by David Murrow


The Map is a realistic look into the issue of a man’s role in society and church. Murrow discusses the reasons why men in today’s churches are often made to believe that being masculine is a sin and explores a “map” given in the Bible of the various journeys a man must take during his walk with Christ.


Murrow gives very appealing and thought-provoking parables about the different stages of a man’s journey during his walk with Christ: submission, strength, and sacrifice. He shows, through Scriptural proof, a “map” which has been laid out for men to follow. He explains that for men to be Christ-like does not mean that men have to be weak, timid, and always tender – for Christ was not always this way during His time on earth. This book, should it be taken to heart by men in church everywhere, will change the way people see a Christian man. Leaders of the church need to realize that there is a place for strength and masculinity in today’s strong Christian man….without it, we are certainly destined for failure.

I'd highly recommend this book to men and women alike.  It really brings home the need for solid Christian men to be just that: MEN!  We, as a society and church, need to stop emasculating our husbands, fathers, sons, and church members because one day we'll find that we have lost a valuable diversity that God has set in are men and women are women.

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