Thursday, April 22, 2010

Walgreens Clearance Items 4/22/10

I know it's not free, but Wags on 419 has Wet n' Wild lipsticks and eyeliner pencils on clearance for $0.49/ea.  There are also some lip glosses and other little make-up items for $0.49-0.79/ea.  These are in the standard clearance section in the back of the store on the endcap (in the deodorant/shampoo aisle).

Wags is out of the Nature's Bounty supplements that are on special this week as of this morning.

The U by Kotex that are a part of the monthly RR deals has been moved off of the endcap and in with the other feminine hygiene products.

Bayer low dose, 32 ct, are free after RR wyb 2 this week.  Buy 2 @ $2.99/ea and use 2 IP's from here (if they're still available).  Pay $2.98 oop (or get a filler and use an RR) and get back $3.00 RR.  Thanks, DealSeekingMom

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