Monday, April 5, 2010

New Food Lion Coupon Policy??

Posted 4/5/10

I went to the Food Lion on 419 today and was told by the cashier (heavy set white female, about 25 y/o, light brown hair-usually in a ponytail) that their new manager would not accept any more than ONE IP of the same type per order. Now, I went there almost every day last week and used multiple IP's with no issue. I told her this and she just said that she (the new manager) said not to accept more than one copy. I promptly informed her that I do not COPY coupons....each one has their own security code printed. She said she knew that but could not take more than one. I told her to void the order, give me back all my coupons and unpack my bags......that'd I'd be more than happy to go to another FL that didn't make up rules against company policy.

Beware....good luck. I plan on trying again tomorrow morning if the normal cashiers are working.

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