Thursday, September 22, 2011

Library Books Now Availbale for the Kindle!!!!!!

If you've got a local library card (Roanoke Valley, Salem, etc), go here to see what books are available from Roanoke County's e-library system (run by OverDrive).  I'm really excited to see Amazon moving into the area that all the other e-book readers have already been.  They should darn well know by now that people will get someone else's device that is compatible if yours is not.

Be aware, that as of right now, there are only less than 2,500 books available for us to borrow (that's like .15% of what Amazon has available for sale online).  Hopefully this library will grow over time and we can get our hands on some good books without having to head to the library for the paper copy.

You can also go to to lend or borrow a Kindle book for FREE!

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