Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Restaurant Coupons

I wanted to try Restaurant.com before I posted about it and I can tell you I had a GREAT experience with them.  One of the sites I regularly read posted about an 80% coupon code for restaurant.com, so I decided it was time to give it a try.

I didn't immediately recognize the participating restaurants in our area that were listed, but thought that this is a great time to try something new since I had a date night with my hubby coming up.  I chose a $25 gift certificate to Fork in the Alley.

Here's how it worked:
  • Restaurant.com $25 gift certificate normally costs $10 for this restaurant. 
  • Using my 80% off coupon code, I ended up paying just $2
  • As soon as you purchase the gift certificate, you can personalize it and send it to someone else or just print it off for yourself.
  • This restaurant required you to have a $35 minimum order and most all of them add an automatic 18% gratuity to the check.
  • So, we had an appetizer, our 2 meals and drinks as well as a dessert and our bill came to $42 (without tip).
  • Using the gift certificate, it brought our total to $21 and added $3.25 tip.  I added another $4 for a tip and we had our entire $48 meal ($41+$7 tip) for just $30 ($21+$7 tip+$2 gift certificate cost). 
  • That was an $18 savings over what we would have paid anyway without the gift certificate!
We've also found a new restaurant that we love on top of the savings!

Right now there is a 50% off code: SUNNY

Bon appetite!

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