Monday, August 9, 2010

DIY: Pasta Drying Rack

So, now that I have my new KitchenAid mixer, my wonderful hubby got me the pasta roller and cutter attachment kit to go with it (and, oh my goodness, it makes making pasta SOOOO much easier).  Well, I had been eyeballing this pasta drying rack on Amazon for the next purchase with my Swagbucks gift cards.  However, I always like to see if I can make something that suits my purposes with what I have laying around or something I can buy for cheap.  So, here's what I did.....

1. Bought a large (3/4" x 6') wooden dowel from Walmart for under $2
2. Used 5 smaller wooden dowels that I had lying around (I think 1/8 or 1/4" x 6')
3. Used a small piece of plywood that we had left over from something and cut it into a 1' x 1' square
4. Cut the large dowel in half and drilled 3-4 holes in different directions along the length of the dowel in the same size as the smaller dowels
5. Cut the small dowels into 2-3 pieces each
6. Screwed the large dowel to the center of the base
7. Inserted the small dowels into the holes of the large dowel

Voila!!!!  I have a pasta drying rack that can easily be disassembled for storage and it only cost me a couple bucks for 2 of them instead of the almost $40 for one of them like below.  If I think about it, I'll take some pictures of mine.  Now, it's not going to win any beauty contests, but who cares.....I didn't spend $40/ea!  And....if I choose, I can paint it or decorate it any way I want to....can't do that with the $40 KitchenAid one.....!


Kelly R said...

This is a great idea, thank you for sharing.

montana mama said...

What a creative money saving idea! I haven't ventured into homemade pasta making because I wasn't sure how to dry but I could easily make one of these!

Danielle Meek said...

What a neat idea... I'd love to see some pics :)

Journeys of The Zoo said...

You are so creative. No all I have to do is get the Kitchen Aid mixer and learn to cook.

Besos, Sarah
Zookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo
journeysofthezoo at hotmail dot com

Alix said...

awesome. I've been wanting to start making my own pasta!

Pam said...

Great idea. Very creative. I would love a Kitchen Aid mixer also.

Amanda McMahon said...

I like this idea - you can really make any pasta you want then!