Friday, February 19, 2010

WARNING *** Purex Deal at Kroger

Posted 2/19/10

I bought 3 Purex at Kroger this morning hoping to get my $5 catalina and was surprised when I didn't get it for the first time in 2 weeks.

I read this morning from several people that Purex and Kroger decided to end the catalina promotion on the Purex early. It originally wasn't supposed to end until 3/7, but according to people who have contacted Catalina, people were buying out the detergent to get the catalina and then returning the detergent to the store and keeping the catalina.

Just another good reminder why we need to all practice honest coupon shopping. Whoever these people around the U.S. were doing this have killed a good deal for all of us honest people.


Crystal said...

I agree,but regardless of why they pulled it, it isn't fair. It was advertised to run through 3/7. The could've at least posted somewhere that they were gonna pull it early, don't you agree?

Seems like it could be considered false advertising or something similar. I know when an item is advertised "no limit" and the system limits it, they have to sell it to you with NO LIMITS. My Pop Secret fiasco at Food Lion comes to mind.

This was clearly advertised to run through 3/7/10..mine didn't print yesterday 2/18/10. 17 days BEFORE the promo was to end.

JR911 said...

I know and I completely agree. I'm glad I didn't go back to do more thinking that it was just a fluke.

Crystal said...

The problem was, I was doing 2 transactions. The first being my last set of 3 Purex. The second one was other groceries. I intended on using that catalina to bring down the cost of the second order. Sooo not fair.

Bridget said...

That is unbelievable that people would return the detergent! Thought never would have crossed my mind to do that. Helps to explain my recent coupon problems at Kroger, though.

This is about as bad as trying to buy Washington Post at Barnes & Noble and someone has gone through the sealed insert bags in ALL the papers and stolen the couppons out! How petty can people be?