Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Kroger - Old El Paso

For those of you who want to get in on the Old El Paso deal at Kroger, beware that I went to the 221/419 Kroger next to Bojangles today and did not get the $3 OYNO catalina for my purchase of 6 OEP items. I only ended up paying .25/ea for them, but would have liked to have the catalina to boot.

The promotion is supposed to be from 1/25-2/21, so I emailed Catalina to see if they could send me my coupons via the mail. Reports from other couponers throughout the U.S. are that they are still getting the catalina, so this may be a store problem.

A fellow local couponer is supposed to be trying this deal at the Salem Kroger tomorrow, so I'll update you all later.


Lori said...

Thanks for all you do...I left you something on my blog that might brighten your day!

Bridget said...

Went to Kroger Bonsack today and my Newspaper Q's for the Valley Fresh Steamers started to beep! Cashier said "too many coupons"? could not tell me how many was too many (I had 13).

Front end mgr pulled policy down from behind cashier stand where customers cannot see it, and read that only 2 printables allowed per transaction! Old policy, they are just now enforcing. She did give me $6 cash back for some of my printables "this time" because no one ever mentioned it before. Boy, was I upset.

Cust. Svc said it's arbitrarily up to each indiv. store mgr what to accept or not. How are we supposed to plan our trips this way?

JR911 said...


I completely understand your frustration. The Kroger's in the Roanoke/Salem area implemented that new "policy" about 2 months ago with no warning.

The stores here are going by the "max 2 printables per item type" not transaction rule. For instance, I could have 10 printables, as long as they were for at least 5 different items.

I'd plan on that being the new rule now because most all stores in the area are now using those same guidleines. You may ask, though, if it's 2 printable per order or 2 printable per item like the other stores are doing.