Thursday, February 25, 2010

Free Dentastix at Food Lion

Posted 2/25/10

Supergirl9801 at HCW is reporting that we can score FREE Pedigree Dentistix at Food Lion until 3/2.

Here's how:
Buy 2 Dentastix on sale now for 2/$6
Use the $2/$5 pet FLIP here (hand this coupon first)
Use 2- $2/1 MQ's from 2/14 SS or March 2010 AllYou!
Total due: NOTHING

Remember, FLIPS are one per transaction, so you can't do multiples of these in one transaction. You may want to add this in as a part of a larger order just to avoid the harrassment that may come from some employees about leaving with items for free. My stores are ok with it and are happy for me when I work a good deal, but some are pickier than others.


Bridget said...

"My stores are ok with it and are happy for me when I work a good deal, but some are pickier than others."

Which FL do you shop? I have to be careful at the one on Peters Creek, the manager checked me out during their awesome triples weekend and my little red (lol) coupon binder gives me away, I think. They act like they've never seen one before (lol)! Anyway, would love to know the coupon friendly stores in the area. Will share my finds as well.

JR911 said...


I know what you mean about that store....I try to stay away from there as much as I can. I normally shop at the 419 store (Roanoke/Salem) or the Floyd store. They're both so good about coupons.

I had one cashier at the 419 store go into detail about using a blinkie q on a certain item because the q didn't restrict the item to a certain size. He even ran back to get some for me to use during my transaction!

He was so excited to tell me about a lady who always comes in there with her daughter to shop and leaves out with $200 worth of groceries for just $5.

Bridget said...

That lady needs to give a class! The FL across from Consignment First and McD's? The cashiers there are very nice. It's not close to me, but I may have to take a ride this week for the cereal deal.

JR911 said...

Yep, that's the store. Good luck and hope you can get some good deals without any hassles! I have a hot pink zippered coupon binder, and I know what you mean about not being able to hide the quiet couponer inside me from the store staff!

TeacherCents said...

Thanks for the deal! I am making my plan tonight!