Wednesday, January 6, 2010

If you read me....please follow me!

If you read my blog, please consider "following" my blog. You can do this by clicking on the "Follow" button to the right side of the screen.

This helps me in several ways:
1. I know that I am reaching people and not maintaining this blog if no one is reading it.

2. Sponsors of giveaways and samples look at how many followers you have to see if they want to offer us a prize pack giveaway or sample items. If a site doesn't have many followers, they judge that the site is not getting out to enough people in order to offer special products and samples to the readers.

3. I can tailor posts and store information to the people who I know are reading this blog. If I know people in the NRV are reading it, I can look for more deals and information specific to that area.

Also, consider leaving comments if you like something I have posted or have some deals that you have found. I love to read what others think about this site and I'm willing to change it if people need something a little different.

Thank you!!

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