Friday, June 18, 2010

Kroger Vent

I hate the Ridgewood Farms Kroger in Salem. They have the most useless people working there at 5:30 PM! My cashier was a smelly idiot and couldn't even speak English, and he tried to tell me on all of my 30 coupons that I didn't get what the coupon called for (uh, yeah I did....I'm not stupid). My bagger was a 200 year old woman who took 2 solid minutes to fill one bag (I took my reusable bags out from in front of her and started filling them as the items came down the line from over top of the check signing counter). The front end leader couldn't figure out how to use my $25 prescription bonus and told me any IP's had to be in color (uh, the freakin' coupon even says "may be printed in B&W or color....DUH). They sent a produce guy to the parking lot to find a manager for the prescription issue (couldn't find her and they pressed the wrong key and I didn't get my $25 off). They tried to do all sorts of mgr overrides on the register before ever even trying to scan my IP's.

I HATE HATE HATE going to that Kroger. For the life of me I can't figure out why I keep doing it when there are 2 other Kroger's I pass on the way home. Ugh.


Sunshyne said...

Geez, sounds like quite the ordeal! lol

amy said...

I will have to tell you that I stopped shopping there last winter during a mega event. I didn't get my bonus on the frozen food I bought and was trying to explain it to the cashier! I questioned if she even knew she worked there. She didn't know anything! It was crazy!

shananava said...

I had the RX coupon issue at one w/ new gas pumps on Brambelton. I didnt spend whole ammt and was told when I got it I didn't have to. Cashier put it through w/o asking me and I did not want to. To prove I would get rest of it the girl deleted and item, gave me the cash for coupons I had used. She didn't give back money for deleted item that showed in the negative balance. She then rung up again the deleted item, took it off credit. Also the chicken tags from previous sale weren't removed so I was charged over $7 for 3 chicken breasts. I didn't realize the chicken until I got home. I called manager and they sent gift card for chicken and Rx credit. It was a sucky trip to Kroger and employees not to smart either! Won't go back to that one either!