Thursday, June 24, 2010

CVS- Clearance Candy 6/24/10

Met Mariah near Ridgewood Farms Salem today to make our diaper transaction (thanks again, loved meeting you) and decided to stop at the CVS and they had a shopping cart full of candy on clearance.  I got three 20 oz bags of the GE Goetze's caramels for $2 total!

Russell Stover boxed chocolate- $4.25
There were $1 off mq's in the 5/2SS

Various Gold Emblem candy (gummies, caramels, wax bottle pops, chocolate bites, butterfinger bites, etc) - .25-.85/ea
For the Gold Emblem candies, you can scan your CVS card and possibly get a $1/3 GE candy coupon to make for free/cheap candies!

There were also some 4pk slep aids for .50/ea and a few various other items in the cart too (ink jet ink #15, etc).

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Anonymous said...

It was great meeting you! I wish I'd stopped at CVS - great deals!