Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kroger Coupon Policy

Posted 3/9/10

Ok, so for several months now Kroger has been working on an unwritten 2 IP's per product type. What that means is that I CAN'T use 4 IP's for FiberOne yogurt, but I CAN use 2 IP's on the FiberOne, 2 on Activia, 2 on Kellogg's, 2 on Toaster Strudels, etc, etc in one transaction.

Bridget emailed me last week to tell me Kroger received an e-mail and was now implementing a 2 IP per order policy. I also seem to remember someone else in the area posting about this same issue. I went to Kroger several times last week and over the weekend without any problems having more than 2 IP's per order.

Today I was greeted by the "2 per order policy" by a cashier who was very nice. I explained to her that the policy had always been 2 per product type and not per order and I was just there last week without issue. She said she couldn't do it but she could ring the others up in a separate transaction. I took her up on that offer and everything worked out fine for me this trip.

However, there have now been more than two of us in the area hearing this story, so it may be worth keeping in mind. This could really mess up the works if you need multiple IP's to reach a Catalina goal in one order. If this is the case, you can either speak with the manager before you shop to show him the coupons you have and the individual security codes that are on each or you can just take your chances at the checkout line.

As with anything, though, it depends on the cashier and the mood he/she is in at the time.


Anonymous said...

I shop at my local Kroger but I am not for sure what you are talking about. What is IP's? Please help.

JR911 said...

IP's stands for internet printables...these are the coupons that you print from various sources like smartsource.com or coupons.com on your home printer from the internet. Unfortunately, more manufacturer's are issuing IP's because it's easier and cheaper for them than traditional coupons; however, less stores are accepting them because of people who counterfeit them.

Hokie Girl said...

Grrr....I haven't had any more issues since the first time with IPs, but we'll just see what happens!!! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I was at the large Cave Spring Kroger this morning, and I had eight 35 cent off coupons for pizza crust. These were not IPs - just the regular manu coupons from the Sunday paper. The cashier told me that there is a new policy of 2 like coupons per order. I thought he was talking about IPs, but he said it was for any coupon. He told me he'd go ahead and run them all today, but just a heads up for the future. I don't think he knows what he's talking about though. Went to the other CS Kroger and went to the customer service desk first thing and asked about it. She said that was for IP coupons, and the computer will let the cashier know if you are at your limit. Anyone else have trouble at Kroger for Sunday paper coupons?

JR911 said...

I used 20 like coupons several times last week (Shamrock milk, Nescafe, etc) and nothing was ever said. Sounds like this dude had no idea what he was talking about. Additionally, the computer won't "tell the cashier" anything if you have more than 2 IP's. The IP's don't have special bar codes on them, so the computer has no idea when you have more than 2 IP's in an order (I'm thinking this CS person was making stuff up again). The computer DOES beep when your coupon value is high and has the cashier confirm the coupon value.

Hope this is a one time thing for you!!!