Thursday, March 18, 2010

$10 off $20 Purchase at Kmart

Posted 3/18/10

Go here to get your coupon. It's a PDF coupon, so you can print as many times as you want, although you can only use one per transaction and it looks like the fine print states it is after all other discounts (which may mean after coupons). Valid 3/5/10 - 5/22/10, so it'll be good for a while, and also through the Double Coupon event in April.
Thanks, Hip2Save


Thrifty Mama B said...

Found your blog in your signature on HCW. Im in Lynchburg, VA. Now a blog follower of yours =)

Oh and the Kmart coupon is not being allowed anymore, it got pulled last week =(

JR911 said...

Thanks...good to have you! I started to hear that people were having issues with that coupon....just like last time when Sears put one out. I pretty much think this is on purpose now just to get people in the store and purchase their items even after the coupon doesn't work...NOT ME!