Wednesday, September 30, 2009

CVS Preview 10/4

You can get the CVS preview here from MidAtlanticDeals, but please note that some of the coupons she is listing were not included in the Roanoke Times inserts (the one I noticed was the Edy's...not that many of us buy ice cream from CVS anyway).

When I find more deals, I'll post 'em, but like I said in my post here, I am tied up with my grad school exams for the next couple weeks.

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Crystal said...

Hey..I just wanted to let you know a great site I use to order my coupons that we DON'T get in the Roanoke that Edy's one in my CVS preview and the Barilla's that I listed in my Food Lion preview. It's , she is super fast! We all know that The Roanoke Times seldom has the coupons everyone else gets, so I order mine from Dede if they are really good ones for things we use. So that's why they are included in my previews. HTH's!