Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bad Company Alert - SEARS!

Sears offered up this coupon for $10.00 any juniors apparel purchase. There are no restrictions and it comes DIRECTLY from the Sears website.

Now, they have issued a letter to every store telling them not to accept these coupons, that people have misused them. My first question is how can that be when it's a coupon has no print limit, no restrictions, etc?

Sears is even treating customers like they are theifs when trying to use this coupon in the store. As this blog writer notes, this is a Bait-and-Switch, plain and simple. The coupon is still available on their website. Now, don't you think if they didn't want to honor any more coupons they would pull it from their site?

There ya go....coupon made available by Sears without restrictions, Sears basically calling honest customers a theif and refusing to honor it, no notice posted at the stores until you have done your shopping and are checking out, and coupon still available on their site. What other conclusion could you draw from this?

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