Monday, August 10, 2009

Upcoming Kroger Catalina's

Some upcoming catalina's to keep in mind when shopping at Kroger.

Buy any Welch's Squeezables 22 oz or 18.8 oz and save up to $3.00 oyno.
Dates: 8/14-9/6/09
Buy 2- get $1.50
Buy 3 or more- get $3.00

**Updated** Thanks to Amy for providing a price of $1.99 for the Welch's.
Deal Idea:
Buy 3 @ $1.99/ea = $5.97
Use 3 $.75 off coupons from (see my side bar) = -$2.25
Get a coupon back for $3.00 off your next order
Total price = $.72 for 3!! That's a great deal!


Buy Betty Crocker/General Mills and save up to $3.50 oyno:
Fruit shapes
Fruit by the foot
Fruit gushers
Fruit roll up's
Fruit roll up's fruit stickerz

Dates: 8/14-9/6/09
Buy 3- get $1.50
Buy 4- get $2.50
Buy 5 or more- get $3.50

These generally go on sale, so save your coupons and e-coupons for a good deal on these!

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amy said...

The Welch's grape is 1.99 right now and there is a coupon out here on the web too...i think on
Also, i got some information about a Kroger/General Mills sale that is coming up this week. (unless Kroger pulls it sent it did leak out it is going to be a great sale! If you would like the info I will send it to you... Start saving those General Mills coupons! And those catalina deals will make it sweeter! My email is