Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Book Review: Spiritual Warfare for Women

Spiritual Warfare for Women by Leighann McCoy is a great read for any woman that wants to move forward for the Kingdom of Christ.  Fear, worry, heartache are all things we women deal with on a daily basis.  We try to avoid trials and pain, but sometimes we need to face these things head on to grow spiritually and to move the cause of Christ onward.  Leighann McCoy wrote this book in the midst of several very difficult trials, although when she started, she didn’t know they were coming.  It’s true that when we serve God, Satan sees us as a threat and will work that much harder to bring us down.  It’s during these times that we need to put on our spiritual armor, surround ourselves with prayer partners, and fight the battle head-on.

I was really moved by her book…there were some sections that just flat out smacked me between the eyes and showed me where I was going wrong.  The one area that was most eye opening was having real friends; real relationships with Godly women that can support me through my times of trials and help catch me when I am getting off track.  I have always had a problem in making real friends, and I thank the Lord for bringing this passage in her book out to me so that I can see this is an area I need to work on.
McCoy leads the reader through several areas of our lives that Satan will attack and gives us Biblical principles and real life advice on how to get through them.  The most important points I took from this book were perseverance, holding to the Word of God, prayer, and humility.  We all know bad things happen to good people, but how we react to those situations will greatly influence the direction of our lives and our testimony to others.

I highly recommend any Christian woman to read this book…..it’s a real eye opener that will inspire you to persevere and move onward for Christ!

Disclosure: I was provided a copy of this book for review.  All opinions are 100% my own and not influenced in any way by the publisher.


MusingMom6 said...

Now that sounds interesting! Definitely a "right up my alley" kind of book. I'll be purusing Amazon next :)

You visited my blog earlier and I wanted to say thanks. I noticed you have another blog which is private. I like the name. We had a Glock till it knocked a diamond out of my ring when I was target practicing. A friend let me try their Springfield XD Compact and I'm in heaven. The best 45 cal for a petite lady like myself :)

JR911 said...

Thanks for dropping by! I used to keep that other blog active for friends and family, but I ran out of things to say (I'm pretty boring) so I just shut it down and can't figure out how to delete it!

I'm still a Glock lady! My duty weapon is a full-size .45, but I carry subcompact .40 off duty....fits nicely in the purse!

MusingMom6 said...

Guiard or police? Me just for protection or fun. Not much fun when ammo went up.