Thursday, May 19, 2011

Book Review: The Seraph Seal

The Seraph Seal
By Leonard Sweet, Lori Wagner

I was really intrigued by the overview of this book: end-times meets Bible prophecy in a futuristic time with a life and death scavenger hunt to find the answer that saves the faithful remnant of humanity.  Now, as long as you don’t take this book as “the Gospel”, you’ll really like it.  No, it doesn’t correlate with the Bible exactly, but it does take pieces of Revelation and graft it together with ancient astronomy and church history.  I generally do not like books that hop around in time or place a lot, and this book did A LOT of hopping….all over the globe!  I had to read it slower than I would any other book because of the constant change of location, people, and story line.  However, it quickly became apparent to me that this hopping was necessary in order to keep the chronological order of the story and to give the reader insight into the events happening all over the world.

I really enjoyed this book and the characters.  The way the author kept the suspense and gave clues to the reader to solve the puzzle on their own wasn’t at all clumsy or aggravating; on the contrary, it was enjoyable and exciting.  I was confused by the ending regarding Paul’s life, but it sounds like the author may have kept an open door for a spin-off book.   All in all, a great fictional read.  Just remember, it’s fiction…..don’t get wrapped up in the liberties the author took with Christian theology.

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