Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Book Review: A Time to Dance

A Time to Dance by Karen Kingsbury

Karen Kingsbury is a well-known Christian fiction and children’s book author. Her Baxter family series were incredibly popular and it seems these books in the Women of Faith series will be just as wonderful. A Time to Dance takes the reader on an emotional journey of a husband and wife who are trying to reclaim their once vibrant and certain love for eachother.

Karen Kingsbury is my all-time favorite author. Her books, although fictional, give insight into troubles that many of us face during our lives and provide scriptural truths on how to deal with them. This book was definitely an emotional roller coaster the entire way through. I went from laughing to crying and ended with a certain peace in my heart that if you listen to Him, He will lead you down the right path. Don’t read this book unless you are prepared to stay up all night because you can’t put the book down. You’ll also need some tissues!


ruthhill74 said...

This looks like a good book. I put is on my TBR list.

By the way, thanks for stopping by my blog. I am following you now! Best wishes!

Jennifer W said...

I wish I could get into reading, I just can't seem to commit that much time to one thing! Might be a little ADD. Anyways, thanks for stopping by my blog. I really appreciate it! I'm not really worried about getting those "numbers" anymore. Today, I feel like the God of my understanding has me right where he wants me. I just have to remind myself of it every now and again. Can't wait to get to know you better! :) Have a great weekend!