Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Book Review: The Treasure of God's Word

The Treasure of God's Word: Celebrating 400 Years of the King James Bible by Jack Countryman

This book is bound in what feels like leather and has gold edged pages to give it a more collectible feel than just another book to read. I consider this book to be a devotional or quick scripture reference. There are 45 distinct topics that are covered and provide the entire referenced scripture verse. Some of the topics range from God’s grace to humility.

I enjoyed the short opening which gave the history of how the King James Version came into existence; it was very enlightening and provided historical reference that I had not found in any other book I have read. The content of the book was well organized and provided the entire verse instead of just a portion and a reference back to the original verse in the Bible. I really don’t think that other than the opening few pages with the historical references, that this book seemed any different than other devotions or topical books of its kind. I wasn’t much of a fan of the “old” look and feel of the book; it seems strangely out of place when compared to other reference or devotional books. The pages are nice and well suited to a devotional gift book, however.

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