Monday, October 18, 2010


Most of you have seen me post about how awesome Swagbucks is.  To date (since Jan 2010), I have earned $155 in Amazon gift cards.  There are plenty of other prizes to choose from, the Amazon gift cards just fit me the best.

Well, if you haven't signed up....NOW'S THE TIME!!!  There is a special Swag Code in my Swidget (bottom right side of the on Swag Code to find it) that is worth an ADDITIONAL 20 Swagbucks when you join up now.

Get the code, click HERE to sign up, and start enjoy the freebies!!!  Dop me a line if you ever need help or want some tips on how to earn more Swagbucks!!

Don't forget.....there is also a giveaway going on until the end of October, but you have to need to earn 25 Swagbucks through searching by 10/31 to qualify for the contest!

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