Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's DONE!

Well, the grad exam papers are done and turned in....now I just have to suffer through the wait to see if I passed or if I have to retake the exams! Prayers are appreciated.....it was an exhausting 4 days of researching, typing and proofing and my mental faculties are shot. I sure hope I passed because I don't know that I can take this again!

Whew....now I can get back to couponing! I haven't been to CVS, Wags, Kroger or FL in weeks!

Sorry about not keeping up with the coupon insert listing for the Roanoke Times. I had intended on at least getting that done, but the people who normally give me their coupon inserts haven't done so for a couple weeks, so I'll have to hope I can get them from my grandmother-in-law who saved them for me the last couple weeks (I hope....).

Hopefully I can get the list updated this week.

I have been keeping an eye out for any good freebies, but there just hasn't been anything worth posting.

CVS and Food Lion previews are out here, thanks to Crystal.

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Crystal said...

Congrats on finishing your work! I am sure you did great!